Arsenal's descent into darkness

The day is February 14th 2016. That morning, Arsenal fans wake up excited, nervous and anxious. Not because it is Valentines Day, but because their beloved club is about to host Leicester City, who sit top of the league. Arsenal are 5 points back of the Premier League leaders, but a win would throw the... Continue Reading →

Why is Arsenal’s defense so terrible?

For the last couple of seasons, Arsenal have had the reputation of being a good offensive team with a defense so bad it has given its fans a few heart attacks. The table below shows how many goals Arsenal have conceded over the past two seasons (, compared with their Top 6 Premier League rivals. Team17/1818/19TotalArsenal5151102Manchester... Continue Reading →

Developing a Premier League betting strategy

For as long as sports have existed, sport gambling has been around the entire time. There are indeed records of citizens betting on the outcome of races during the very first Olympic games that were held in Greece in 776 BC (University of Pennsylvania History Department website). A few centuries later, Romans coming from all... Continue Reading →

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